Streets, Sidewalks & Public Spaces

Motorized Scooters


Motorized scooter are prohibited on any city owned or controlled property. Can only be permitted on private property with express written permission of owner. The operator shall be at least 16 or with a valid learner’s permit or driver’s license, with braking system, with rider wearing a helmet, and riding responsibly. The City Ordinance defines a “motorized scooter”as any two-wheeled device, including but not limited to, the so-called mini-bikes, mini choppers, gas scooters, or electric scooters, that have handlebars, are designed to be stood upon or seated upon, and powered by a gas or electric motor that is capable of propelling the device with or without human propulsion, but is not defined as a motor vehicle under the laws of Massachusetts.

First Offense $100; Second Offense $200; Third Offense $300

The police officer has the right to impound the motorized scooter.

Maintenance of Sidewalks, Catch Basins, Gutters


Persons owning or occupying property shall keep the abutting sidewalk, tree belt, catch basin, and three feet of street closest to the curb free of litter. Litter collected shall be placed in proper receptacles for collection as normal household rubbish. Litter must not be swept into the street.

Enforcement: Code Enforcement Department, 311

$100 Ticket

Snow and Ice Removal


Occupants of single-family homes and owners of other types or property must remove snow from abutting public sidewalks, fire hydrants, and handicapped curb cuts within twenty-four hours after a storm ends. Ice must be removed or sanded within twenty-four hours of being formed. Snow and ice must not be thrown into any street which has already been cleared.

Enforcement: Police and Fire Department,787-6300

$50 Ticket

Maintenance of Tree Belts


Occupants of single-family homes and owners of other types of property must keep the tree belt free from litter, debris, brush, ragweed, or other noxious weed.

Enforcement: Code Enforcement Department 311

$50 Ticket, Criminal complaint– up to $300 per day court fine

Cutting Trees on Public Property


No one can cut or trim trees on tree belts or public property without a permit from the Park Commission

Enforcement: Park Department, 311

$50 Ticket

Sales in Streets


No one should sell any items on any street or to anyone on a sidewalk without a permit from the Chief of Police.

Enforcement: Police Department, 787-6352

$50 Ticket

Gates or Doors


No gate or door should swing into a public sidewalk or street.

Enforcement: Police Department, 787-6352

$50 Ticket

Playing in Streets


No one should play in a street so as to interfere with its use by others.

Enforcement: Police Department, 787-6352

$50 Ticket

Signs on Sidewalk or Tree Belt


No advertising or directional sign shall be placed on a public sidewalk or tree belt without a license from the DPW and without posting a bond approved by the Mayor.

Enforcement: Police Department, 311

$50 Ticket

Handbills and Signs


It is illegal to paint or post a handbill or sign on public property, public trees, or public fixtures such as light posts, street signs, and traffic signs. The person responsible for the posting is liable for the costs of removal. Excepted are temporary signs which the DPW permitted.

Enforcement: Police Department, 787-6352

$50 Ticket

General Prohibition Against Obstructions


No person shall place or cause to be placed in any public street, or on any sidewalk, foot-walk or crosswalk in the city, any article or thing whatsoever, so as to interfere with the convenient use of same by any person traveling thereon. (This includes Basketball Hoops) Obstruction may be removed by enforcing agency.

Enforcement: DPW and Police Department, 311

$50 Ticket



It is illegal to throw litter on streets, sidewalks, and public property.

Enforcement: Police Department, 787-6300

$300 Ticket

Door to Door Sales


No person shall engage in the activity of door-to-door sales unless they have a license from the Police Department. The Police Commissioner can grant 1 license to a person of good repute for a fee of $25. Persons under 18 and who reside in the city do not have to pay the fee but they do need a permit.

$50 Ticket

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