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City Of Springfield & WMECO Seek Public Comment On Several New Lighting Projects

April 11, 2013 –Springfield, MA–The City of Springfield (City) and Western Massachusetts Electric Co. (WMECo) are announcing today several initiatives to improve lighting in several areas of the City. Through a coordinated effort the City of Springfield and WMECo officials are seeking illumination improvements to some of the City’s main thoroughfares. These projects are in the beginning stages and the City is seeking the public’s help in providing feedback on several trial installations. 

Mayor Domenic Sarno stated; “Once again the City of Springfield and Western Mass Electric Company are teaming up to bring the residents and businesses of Springfield increased security, reliability, and financial savings.” 

To assist the City in these initiatives; WMECo has brought in the added expertise of a lighting engineering and efficiency firm, Energy Resource Solutions, ensuring Springfield has the advantage of cutting edge technological advancements in street lighting that will enhance public safety and save the city money in energy costs and maintenance with added reliability over time as lights are replaced. 

WMECo Vice President Robert Coates stated; “WMECo is proud to partner with the city to bring in an engineered solution to enhance Springfield’s existing street lighting plan.” 

Improved Downtown Lighting: 

The City and WMECo are looking to improve pedestrian lighting in the downtown area. A new style of pedestrian lighting has been installed on Main Street between Worthington Street and Taylor Street and the City is seeking public feedback. The Springfield Chamber of Commerce has volunteered to collect the public’s comments and provide it to the City and WMECo. If you have any feedback on the new pedestrian light you can go to and click the link to submit feedback electronically or call (413) 755-1310. 

North Main Street Lighting: 

A new model light which promotes a higher quality of light as well as increased energy efficiency has been installed in front of Medina’s Supermarket, 2705 Main Street, in the North End of Springfield. The new lights will be installed in coordination with the North Main Street Reconstruction Project. The new lights will provide increased illumination along the Main Street corridor as well as increased energy efficiency. 

The New North Citizens Council has volunteered to collect feedback for any residents or businesses that wish to provide comment on the new type of lighting. If you have any feedback please call the New North Citizens Council, (413) 747-0090. 

Sumner Avenue Lighting: 

A new style of light has been installed at the entrance of Forest Park on Sumner Avenue. Once again the Public is encouraged to provide feedback on the new light to the Springfield Chamber of Commerce. If you have input to provide you can go to and click the link to submit feedback electronically or call (413) 755-1310. 

Residents and businesses can comment on any of the trials up until Saturday, June 1, 2013. 

Again, here is the contact information to the organizations assisting the City in gathering feedback on these lighting initiatives: North End Main Street: New North Citizens Council (413) 747-0090 Downtown Main Street: The Springfield Chamber of Commerce Sumner Avenue: On-line: (413) 755-1310 

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