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Three Firefighters Promoted to Rank of Fire Lieutenant

Mayor Domenic J. Sarno and Fire Commissioner Joseph A. Conant conducted a badge pinning ceremony today at Fire Headquarters to promote firefighters Timothy J. Belbin, Luke W. Kominski, and Leontino L. Piecuch to the rank of Fire Lieutenant.

Mayor Sarno stated, “Congratulations to Lieutenants Belbin, Kominski and Piecuch and their families, who stand by them and our Springfield on their promotions. I deeply appreciate their continued brave and dedicated efforts. Godspeed to them all.”

“I am very happy to promote these three firefighters to Lieutenant, all of who are qualified based on their performance and the Civil Service process we use. The step up from firefighter to Lieutenant is one of the most difficult because you are transitioning from being one of the crew to being responsible for the safety and supervision of your own crew,” said Commissioner Conant.

Tim Belbin was appointed to the department on April 24, 2000 Lt. Belbin will be assigned to Engine -10 on North Main Street.

Luke Kominski was appointed to the department on March 28, 1997 Lt. Kominski will be assigned to Ladder - 8 on Eastern Avenue.

Leo Piecuch was appointed to the department on January 3, 2011 Lt. Piecuch will be assigned to Ladder -3 on White Street.

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