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Mayor Sarno and Commissioner Barbieri to Pursue Shutdown of Carregan’s Lounge

Friday, June 22, 2018

Mayor Domenic J. Sarno and Commissioner John Barbieri are pursuing the shutdown of Carregan’s Lounge, located at 155 Maple Street in Springfield, due to continued public safety and quality of life issues emanating from the establishment.

Mayor Sarno stated, “Much like the ‘Kickback Lounge/Club Pandora’ past public safety neighborhood issues – in which we moved to successfully shut down – Carregan’s Lounge presents the same out of control and non-cooperative obstructive management scenario. This is unacceptable criminal behavior for our neighborhood residents, our brave and dedicated ‘men and women in blue’ and to me. Police have been called numerous times to respond to very negative activities of ‘gun play’ permeating from Carregan’s Lounge. I have called for hearings and sanctions but now, after yet another incident of late night/early morning shots fired (June 22, 2018 at 1:44 a.m.) and in respect of our neighborhood residents, our SPD, public safety and preventing loss of life, I will move to instruct our City’s Director of Licensing Atty. Alesia Days and our License Commission to move to revoke any and all licenses ASAP.”

Commissioner Barbieri added, “Carregan’s Lounge continues to be a hotspot for criminal incidents, causing a needless hazard to customers, neighboring residents and a drain on police resources that would be better utilized for patrolling neighborhoods.”

Please see the attachments below including the most recent Entertainment License decision to hire police and recent history timeline.

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