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Mayor Sarno Announces the Retirement of Chief Development Officer Kevin Kennedy

Mayor Domenic J. Sarno today announced the retirement of Chief Development Officer Kevin Kennedy. Kennedy was appointed by Mayor Sarno in 2011 to oversee the Office of Planning and Economic Development. Kennedy is a lifelong Springfield resident and prior to heading economic development for the City, served as an aide to U.S. Representative Richard Neal both in Congress and during his time as Mayor of the City of Springfield.

Mayor Sarno states, “This is truly ‘bittersweet.’ Kevin has not only done a tremendous job, but just as important, has been a true friend and confidant in helping me move Springfield forward. There is no better ‘nuts and bolts’ guy and driving a timeline better than Kevin. We have worked hard to be streamline and business friendly, which is evident in our $4.1 billion in economic development ‘which creates a good four letter word – jobs!’ From the tornado, to Union Station, to CRRC, to MGM to Big Y to MassMutual to small and mid-size neighborhood business development expansions. Kevin has been by my side – for this I, our City and region are very grateful. Family and time have now told him that it’s the right time to retire. ‘Coach’ will leave big shoes to fill, but also a great foundation to build on too. Also, don’t be surprised if I call on Kevin to ‘bird dog’ a project or two too. Kevin, you’ve been a championship coach for me and our City. I wish you good health and a good retirement with your family.”

“Over the last 34 years I’ve been very fortunate to work for two of the best Mayors in Springfield’s proud history. Mayor Sarno and former Mayor and now Congressman Neal have been great friends and leaders of our City. I want to thank them for all that they have done for me,” said Chief Development Officer Kennedy. “In 2011 the Mayor and I talked about what we had to do to recover from the aftermath of the tornado and the Control Board years. We set our goals higher than most people would think possible. Eight years later, Springfield is very much on her feet.”

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