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Sarno Administration Surpasses $616 Million in School Repairs

Mayor Sarno and Superintendent Warwick tour schools, reviewing the $14 million in summer work across school facilities

Mayor Domenic J. Sarno, School Superintendent Daniel Warwick, CAFO TJ Plante, Executive Director of Parks, Buildings and Recreation Management Patrick J. Sullivan, Director of Capital Asset Peter Garvey, Schools Chief Finance Officer Patrick Roach and Assistant Director of Facilities Jon Carignan toured several school buildings this morning. 

The tours kicked off at Kiley Middle School at 10:00 a.m. A press availability was held at Freedman School at 10:45 a.m.

With funding from both the City and Massachusetts School Building Authority, over $14 million dollars will be invested in renovation projects over the course of this summer through the spring of 2020. The work has been part of a school renovation plan set in place by Mayor Sarno and the School Committee ten years ago. The MSBA has funded $485,934,515 in projects and the City has also invested $104,028,713 in school facilities over the past ten years. 

Tour Schedule

  1. Kiley Middle School, 180 Cooley Street                                10:00 a.m.
  2. Freedman School, 90 Cherokee Drive                                   10:45 a.m.
  3. High School of Commerce, 415 State Street                        11:15 a.m.             
  4. Zanetti Magnet School, 474 Armory Street                         11:45 a.m.
  5. South End Middle School, 36 Margaret Street                    12:15 p.m.

Mayor Domenic J. Sarno stated, “It is very exciting to see the results of $616 million dollars invested into our school buildings since taking office in 2008. We are very grateful to the MSBA in partnering with us on both new construction and the Green repairs program. Their efforts have extended the life of our facilities by another 30 years.  I also look very forward to our upcoming new combo schools of Brightwood/Lincoln and Deberry/Homer to be built in the very near future. My internal team continues to make great strides and by working alongside the MSBA we are creating a positive learning environment for our youth. This is all evident in the marked improvement of our graduation rates and test scores across the district.”

Superintendent Daniel Warwick said, “I have worked closely with Mayor Sarno and Patrick Sullivan over the past eleven years. We have taken many trips to Boston to present our plans and we have been heard, as $616 million dollars in school funding has been appropriated for both renovations and new school construction by the MSBA and the city.  Our goal is to ensure every school building is viable and provides a comfortable learning and teaching environment.  We are closing the gap on roof and window upgrades and we look forward in working in conjunction with the MSBA in completing our master plan for school repairs.”

“It has been gratifying to see the results from the work completed over the past eleven years.  Our past efforts have dealt with the school infrastructure and therefore are not always immediately visible.  Now we are improving the classrooms and the overall school environment. The positive outcome in our work is the improvement to the overall health of the class room and learning environment,” said Executive Director of PBRM Patrick Sullivan. “We are grateful to the partnership with EverSource in the energy upgrades to our school facilities. The new LED lighting in the classrooms will be a benefit to the overall learning environment and energy savings across the school district. There is great energy in place from the Mayor, the State House, City Council and School Committee to invest in our school buildings.”

“The city has made great strides over the past eleven years and everyone’s hard work is resulting in school buildings that are safer and more energy efficient. I look forward to continued collaboration with the MSBA as we completing the remaining targeted school projects and pursue other funding opportunities,” said CAFO TJ Plante.

Director of Capital Asset Peter Garvey said, “The work being completed is imperative in improving the overall integrity of our school buildings. Our partnership with the MSBA in securing long term investments of our facilities will protect these structures and increase the useful life by another 35-50 years.” 

Assistant Director of Facilities Jon Carignan stated, “The work completed this summer has been phenomenal. Our contractors, trades staff and Sheriff Department painting crew have made tremendous progress in improving the learning environment at these facilities. Our in house trades have provided a key component in the restoration of our school facilities. The work completed will be a cost effective approach in improving the overall appearance and function of these facilities. We have a great team in place and we are proud to be accomplishing this level of work over the past six weeks.”

Schools Chief Finance Officer Patrick Roach stated, “The School district has developed a strong capital plan working with Facilities and Capital Asset Construction. The results have been amazing and these projects have made a tremendous impact on the overall learning environment.”

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