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Mayor Sarno Applauds Holyoke Medical Center for Stepping Up and Donating Additional KN95 Masks and Face Shields

Mayor Domenic J. Sarno applauds and deeply thanks Holyoke Medical Center for stepping up and donating 400 KN95 masks, 540 face shields and surgical masks to the city.  These much needed and vital PPE’s will be put into immediate use by our Springfield Police and Fire Departments, and our first responders and frontline personnel.

Mayor Sarno stated, “As the federal and state agencies get bogged down with bureaucratic red tape issues, our community heard my clarion call loud and clear and delivered immediately!”

Mayor Sarno earlier today held a press conference imploring federal and state officials and agencies to appropriately and fairly secure and distribute these PPE’s (N95/KN95 masks) to our states and cities.  Stating that during this public health emergency, states and cities should not be completing and bidding against each other for limited supplies.

“The President should have invoked the National Defense Act well over a month ago so that Governors and Mayors are not cannibalizing each other for these vital resources.  Also, I ask again that the CDC, MEMA and DPH allow that direct first responders such as police and fire can receive N95 and KN95 masks – not surgical masks, ASAP!”    

Shortly after his press conference, MassMutual contact the Mayor’s Office offering to have what limited supply they could spare delivered to the city within the hour.  Holyoke Medical Center soon followed suit and offered to donate additional PPE’s to help assist our city’s first responders.      

Mayor Sarno stated, “I am truly humbled and deeply thankful to the outreach of support our Springfield community has been receiving.  My sincere thanks to Spiros Hatiras, President and CEO of Holyoke Medical Center, and his team.  He personally called me and asked what he and Holyoke Medical Center could do to help our first responders and frontline personnel who he agreed are a vital component as we all continue to fight this virus.  Thanks to Holyoke Medical Center for answering my call for help and donating 400 KN95 masks, 540 face shields and surgical masks too.  It was great to take a ride out there with Police Commissioner Cheryl Clapprood and Fire Commissioner BJ Calvi to pick up these lifesaving supplies and I personally want to thank Spiros Hatiras and his team at Holyoke Medical Center for their continued support of our Springfield.  They truly are a devoted and compassionate corporate citizen who are with us in this fight against the coronavirus.”   

“Early this afternoon, members of our Operating Room staff shared with the Holyoke Medical Center Command Center that they heard Mayor Sarno on the radio with a request and need for PPE. The staff asked for us to assist, if possible, because of our long standing relationship with the City of Springfield,” said Spiros Hatiras, President and CEO of Holyoke Medical Center and Valley Health Systems. “While we do not have an abundance of PPE, after evaluating our supplies we felt that we could share some supplies, especially at a time like this that calls for mutual aid. We are very thankful for Mayor Sarno’s support of Holyoke Medical Center over the years, and this is a way for us to express our appreciation to him and the first responders of Springfield.”  

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