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Springfield DPW Activates Weather Command Center

On Wednesday, December 16th, the DPW activated their weather command center at 11:30 pm which oversees the plowing operations throughout the city.

The city is split up into 15 individual sections and within each section there are subsections of roadways that are overseen by a Snow Route Inspector.  The command center is in constant contact with the plow drivers and the Snow Route Inspectors.  Snow Route Inspectors report in when roadways within their section are complete and the command center is able to update their status of whether they are ahead, behind, or on schedule based on the current weather conditions and if any plows or pieces of equipment have broken down or getting service.  If certain sections are done but others are not, the command center can shift drivers to compensate.

Pictured are DPW Director Chris Cignoli, Deputy Director Vincent DeSantis, and DPW IT Manager Bob Houldson.  

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