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Mayor Sarno's Comments to Councilor Hurst

Friday, April 16, 2021

Dear Councilor Justin Hurst:

Your Facebook post concerning an event you were organizing for a community cleanup at Acorn Street Park was recently brought to my attention.  It is unfortunate that I need to write this response to your false claims and blatant lies that according to you “the city is attempting to put every barrier in place possible to prevent the community from cleaning their own park.”

As you very well know, request of these natures are usually directed to the appropriate city departments for review.  In this case the Parks Department and in our efforts as we continue to deal with defeating this COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic to our Office Health and Human Services – for a COVID-19 public health and safety plan for review so that a super spreader does not occur. 

Also, specifically in this case where you claim the city is trying to hinder a city councilor from taking these actions.  I must counter these claims:

  1. The property in question was already initially cleaned up
  2. Working with and upon the request of the Boys and Girls Club Family Center, Neighborhood, and working with Ward 4 City Councilor Malo Brown, a master plan to revitalize the area in question was put into place pre-COVID-19
  3. I never asked nor did Park Department officials ask you to be charged for this volunteer cleanup event  

Again, there is a permit process that needs to be filled out for all particular info, and communication and coordination aspects.  In addition, Councilor Hurst, after checking in with the Parks Department, it appears that you just submitted your COVID-19 public health and safety plan today, the day before the event, for review.   

Your claim that the Department of Parks, Buildings, and  Recreation Management, per my input, is charging you $696.97 to hold this event is a blatant lie at best and nothing more than a political publicity stunt at worst.  After inquiring about these claims with the Parks Department it was discovered that, no one from the Parks Department filled out these cost expenses and that you yourself inputted these numbers – in the section that clearly states ‘Parks Dept. Use Only”.  In addition, I have been told that when an employee from the Parks Department tried to catch up with you after you dropped off your park permit, they tried to return the check to you and you refused to take it.      

In closing, I am asking myself, do you really want to do good for the community and neighborhood or just manufacture another made-up controversy/conflict for self-political attention to cover the fact that you did not follow the proper permitting and COVID-19 public health and safety plan accordingly and in a timely fashion.  Just plain ridiculous. 




Domenic J. Sarno


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