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Mayor Sarno Proud of SPD’s Diversity – We Reflect Our Community

Mayor Domenic J. Sarno and Police Commissioner Cheryl Clapprood released today the most recent statistics showing tremendous diversity gains that have been made under his administration.

Mayor Sarno states, “We’re at parity and I believe we’re the most diverse police department in Massachusetts, if not New England. From officers to supervisors, we reflect our community and I urge our community members to take the police exam and serve our Springfield –  as Uncle Sam would say, ‘I/we need you!’” Here is the breakdown:

  • As of 4/16/21 - There are 492 sworn police officers and supervisors at the Springfield Police Department. 
  • There are 240 White officers and supervisors
  • There are 173 Hispanic officers and supervisors
  • There are 75 Black officers and supervisors
  • There are 4 Asian officers
  • 51% of our overall department (officers and supervisors) are Hispanic, Black, or Asian. 
  • 55% of our patrol officers are Hispanic, Black, or Asian. 
  • 30% of our supervisors are Hispanic, Black, or Asian.   

As the City moved away from a civilian police commission who would decide on promotions and into the modern era of a Police Commissioner, those diversity numbers in the supervisory ranks continue to drastically rise.  In 2010, about 15% of our supervisors were minorities, and by 2020, 30% of our supervisors were Hispanic, Black or Asian.  Prior, under the antiquated Board of Police Commissioners, in 1990, less than 4% of the supervisors were minorities.  In 2000, it was about 8%. 

What also needs to be taken into consideration is that because our department is so young, nearly 30% (141 officers) were not yet eligible to take the last promotional exam.  You need to be a police officer for three years by the date of the exam. 

So while 55% of our patrol officers are Hispanic, Black or Asian, only 44% of our minority officers were eligible to take the last promotional exam due to having less than 3 years on the job. 

In addition, to being the first female Police Commissioner in Springfield, Commissioner Clapprood has promoted the City’s first Black Deputy Chief, first Hispanic Captain, and the City’s first Latina Sergeant.  The Commissioner has no control over who takes the promotional exam, but encourages minority officers to study and when eligible, take the test.  Neither SPD, nor the Mayor receive a list of individuals who take the exam, only those who pass, so we do not have the diversity data on who takes the exam.

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