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Protect Yourself Against Scams

Just a friendly reminder to protect yourself from potential scams sent either by phone, text, email, etc. Protect yourself and never give out any personal or financial information, your social security or medical information to any caller, text, or email.

There are all sorts of scams, from lottery to utility, and they come to us at all times of the day. They target everyone, especially our seniors. Avoid answering any unknown numbers as much as possible, or if you answer, hang up as soon as you identify it to be a scam. DO NOT GIVE ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION.

If they claim to be from a a government agency such as a police department, or from a utility company, bank/credit/loan holder, etc. Hang up and contact that institution directly and inquiry about the situation.

Remember to stay safe and be mindful.  To help report potential scams contact the Mayor's Office of Consumer Information at (413) 787-6437 or


Page last updated:  Tuesday, March 1, 2022 01:32 pm