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Mayor Sarno Meets with Labor Leaders

Mayor Domenic J. Sarno and Chief of Staff Tom Ashe met with local labor leaders today to continue the administrations discuss on economic development opportunities and best practices to maximize job growth for our brothers and sisters in the building trade.

Mayor Sarno states, “There have been numerous projects, public and private, where our friends in labor have helped to build.  From building and improving our schools to the various economic and redevelopment projects, the City of Springfield is proud to support and stand with the leadership of our local labor and trade unions.  My administration is committed to exploring every means in which we can to create more of that good four letter word – ‘ JOBS’.”        

Those in the meeting included President of the Pioneer Valley Building Trades Colton Andrews, Joe Tranghese and DJ Tranghese from Laborers Local 999, and Massachusetts and Northern New England Laborers District Council leaders Tony Pini, and Bob Wilson.  

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