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City of Springfield Raises Ecuadorian Flag in Celebration of Ecuadorian Independence Day

Mayor Domenic J. Sarno joined with the Ecuadorian Community to celebrate Ecuadorian Independence Day with a flag raising ceremony on the front steps of City Hall. Mayor Sarno presented a proclamation declaring “Ecuadorian Independence Day” in the City of Springfield.

This year commemorates the 199th Anniversary of Ecuador’s independence and freedom for the people of what would eventually become the Republic of Ecuador.  Ecuadorian Independence was obtained as a result of the May 24, 1822 victory of the Ecuadorian Patriot forces over the Royalist forces loyal to Spain in the Battle of Pichincha – one of the most famous of the South American Wars of Independence that took place on the slopes of the Pichincha volcano, next to the city of Quito in modern Ecuador.  For twelve tumultuous years, Ecuador was part of Bolívar's "Gran Colombia", which included what are now Colombia and Venezuela.

Mayor Sarno states, “During this celebration of Ecuadorian independence and heritage, citizens of Ecuadorian ancestry highlight their accomplishments, culture and pride and, in so doing, they increase the appreciation for the contributions they have made to our great City of Springfield, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the United States of America.”

“I want to also acknowledge and thank the Alban family, especially Xiomara and her father Omar, for all they do for our Springfield community,” Mayor Sarno added.  “Mr. Alban is so humble and genuine.  I remember talking to him years ago when he was doing the Sunday evening adult soccer at my old South End Community Center, and he mentioned that one of his beautiful and intelligent daughters had an interest in politics.  When I was humbly elected as Mayor I was honored to bring his daughter Xiomara on as an intern in my office.  Look at her now, she was just recently named as the Chief of Staff for the EDC!  Way to go!  We are all so proud of you!”     

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