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Mayor Sarno Proud of School Committee Unanimous Vote to Rename Homer Street School after Retired State Representative and Civil Rights Icon Ben Swan

Mayor Domenic J. Sarno states he is proud and elated of the School Committee’s unanimous vote to rename the Homer Street School after retired State Representative and Civil Rights icon Ben Swan.

Mayor Sarno states, “I commend our School Committee and community leaders, led by School Committeewoman Barbara Gresham, on this well-deserved honor.  Retired Representative Swan – ‘Ben’ has been a good friend to me.  Always the gentleman and a man of his word.  A true civil rights icon known near and far.  He followed the principles of Gandhi for nonviolent and peaceful protest to invoke meaningful change.  During our School Committee meeting, Ben was humble, touched and emotional, even tearing up after hearing all our School Committee members speak in tribute to him.  Always a doer, not talker, a man of principle – Congratulations again Ben and good health.  We all look forward to the new DeBerry-Swan School opening in 2023.”


(Photo Credit: Ed Cohen Photo)

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