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The Springfield Youth Mental Health Coalition Seeks Feedback Through Youth Voice Survey

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The Springfield Youth Mental Health Coalition is convened by the Public Health Institute of Western Massachusetts.  The Coalition consists of a stellar advisory board and an outstanding youth advisory board, known as "Beat the Odds," led by Ariana Williams, Director of Public Health at Martin Luther King Jr. Family Services.

If you are a student in 6th - 12th grade, please take a few minutes to complete the survey and share it with other youth in the Greater Springfield community:

Take the Survery: YMHC: Youth voice Survey (

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Tiffany Rufino, Youth Mental Health Coalition manager, at


Visit the Publiv Health Institue of Western MA (PHIWM) website:Youth Mental Health :: Public Health Institute of Western MA (

Youth behavioral health is a serious concern in Springfield as raised by local data, community voices, and local content experts. Risks to youth behavioral health include gambling and the presence of a casino, and also go far beyond that issue. The Youth Mental Health Coalition is seeking feedback through an anonymous and private online survey. Your responses to this survey will be used to inform a youth mental health communications campaign that the public will see to help us all have a better understanding of youth mental health in our region.

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