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Mayor Sarno Issues Statement in Support of Board of Police Commissioner Robert ‘Cee’ Jackson

|   City News

Mayor Domenic J. Sarno states. “This whole charade has been orchestrated by City Councilors Justin Hurst and Tracye Whitfield and ‘they should be ashamed of themselves!’ Commissioner Jackson is a beloved and well-respected community leader, especially in our African-American community. This year’s Ubora Award winner has helped out so many people, families and causes in their time of need. Under the guise of this mystery man – Jason Ray, and a few members of the local Massachusetts Senior Action group being pushed by Hurst, Whitfield and their Boston representative, they continue to try to create controversy and inflict harm to others for their own dishonest political gain. Their antics make me sick to my stomach. I proudly and steadfastly stand by Commissioner Jackson and all of the Board of Police Commission members.”

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